Embedded Solutions

Phoenix SecureCore Tiano (SCT) is firmware for trusted embedded networked devices. SCT goes far beyond the traditional stand-alone BIOS to provide the features necessary to manage and secure today’s connected devices. It is the only core system software solution with built-in protection against malicious attacks and accidental damage to the factory-installed system software image.

Phoenix SCT is optimized for the networked embedded systems market. It supports a full range of embedded systems from heavy-duty HPC that works 24-7, to factory automation that controls AOI and manufacturing equipments, to remote manageable ATMs and KIOSKs, and to interactive GFX centric gaming and digital signage. Combined with Phoenix Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA) and SATA/AHCI HDD password support, SCT offers a strong, public-key-encryption security kernel capable of protecting the core system software, the managed application environment, the operating system and its applications.

SCT includes support for a protected application area, designed for storage of PC management and recovery applications. In combination with the built-in security kernel, the environment is protected from malicious attack or accidental mischief. Authentication supported in SCT enables Phoenix manufacturing, OEM, and system builder partners to deliver a complete and secure execution environment for built-in utilities and applications.

  Attributes   Benefits  
  • A Complete Product Suite: SCT is the premier core system software solution for networked embedded devices, from embedded or industrial PCs to SBCs. SCT delivers a complete core feature set complemented with unique, enhanced security and management capabilities.

  • Embedded Low Power and SOC: SCT focuses on deeply embedded, compact, and energy-efficient applications. SCT2 offers power management, security, TPM, and touchscreen support for these applications.

  • Embedded Mainstream: SCT offers graphic-centric and comprehensive industrial IO compatibility and provides the scalability and compatibility of peripherals, as well as support for Phoenix CSM that passes down legacy features to next generation platforms.

  • Embedded Workstation and Server: SCT is available for high-performance and heavy duty systems and ensures operational robustness by strengthening the code reliability and access to the system health.